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Operations, vision and objectives


Stiftelsen Kalixbostäder is a public housing enterprise the operations of which involve the acquisition, ownership and management of properties or site-leasehold rights as well as the construction of housing, commercial apartments and collective amenities, within Kalix Municipality. The foundation’s activities may also include construction of small buildings for sale.


The purpose of the foundation’s operations is to facilitate the provision of accommodation in Kalix Municipality in accordance with the municipality’s principles of cost price and equality.

Our Vision – Secure, Pleasant and Accessible

Kalixbo shall strive to meet the needs of residents with regard to accommodation. Kalixbo’s portfolio shall include various types of accommodation in order to meet the requirements of different people. It shall strive to be the first choice for people seeking accommodation, and its existing tenants shall consider Kalixbo to be an attractive and reliable landlord.

Overall objectives

Kalixbo shall endeavour to deliver effective provision of accommodation in Kalix Municipality. Kalixbo shall also strive to provide safe, sound and pleasant accommodation as well as good living environments for its tenants. Good availability shall be pursued.