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Marketing and Sponsorship policy


Sponsorship is a partnership agreed on commercial grounds which is to the mutual benefit of two or more parties. The recipient of sponsorship provides certain benefits to the sponsor in return for a cash contribution, products or services.


Sponsorship is to be considered part of the operation’s mission and be consistent with the intentions outlined in its statutes. All sponsorship is to reinforce the perception of Kalixbo.


Sponsorship will be assessed in relation to the extent to which the organisation

  • supports the positive development of the residential areas in which Kalixbo has a large proportion of properties;
  • reaches a lot of people;
  • promotes the status of elite sportspeople as role models for young people;
  • gives both boys and girls the chance to take part in activities on equal terms;
  • encourages young people to take part in activities which improve public health;
  • generates goodwill for the company and promotes Kalixbo as a key player on the housing market in Kalix;
  • makes an impact at national level.

Sponsorship may be delivered through regular agreements or by means of contributions to individual events or activities which are consistent with the aforementioned principles.
All sponsorship activities in which Kalixbo takes part must be of a transparent nature and stand up to scrutiny from the media and public.


The Kalixbo brand shall be clearly exposed in contexts which are perceived to be positive among the company’s target audiences in every respect. Kalixbo will not sponsor activities which may be confused with charities, staff welfare, support for individuals or endeavours carried out for personal reasons.

Kalixbo will not sponsor

  • activities which may be perceived to be immoral, unethical or that otherwise impinge on the privacy of any individual;
  • companies/clubs/organisations that are registered with the Swedish Enforcement Authority;
  • political parties or religious organisations;
  • companies/clubs/organisations that operate activities which clearly harm people and/or the environment;
  • private individuals.

In each case, Kalixbo reserves the right to decline or cancel a sponsorship agreement for ethical reasons, or reasons other than those specified above.
Priorities may vary during certain periods, nor is it possible to strive to grant sponsorship to one-hundred percent of the organisations that apply.

Procedure for application and management of applications

We only accept written applications regarding sponsorship sent to the following address:

Stiftelsen Kalixbo
Lejonsgatan 7
SE-952 34 KALIX
Mark the envelope “Application for sponsorship”

Alternatively, send an e-mail to the following address:

Write “Application for sponsorship” in the subject field.

The following information must be included in the application:

  • The organisation applying for sponsorship.
  • Number of members.
  • Programme, project or event (activity, scale, target audience, ages, times, etc.).
  • The amount in question (including tax and fees).
  • The counter performance offered to Kalixbo, and the relationship between the activities and Kalixbo’s operations.
  • Contact details

Please read through the policy before completing the application.
Download application for sponsorship

Applications submitted will be handled at the next scheduled board meeting.