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Cleaning, installing and sorting

Safe power

The energy supplied by the apartment’s power sockets is 220 volts. If you have purchased electrical devices overseas, check carefully to ascertain the amperage for which they are manufactured. In new-builds there are protectors fitted to all power sockets, however, if you live in an older apartment this may not be the case. If necessary, purchase protective plugs for the sockets which are not in use. Make sure your power blocks and extension cords are also shielded. Contact Kalixbo regarding all electrical installations in wetrooms. It is extremely dangerous to use electrical devices in the bathroom if the plug is located in another room. There are different sockets for ceiling lights. If the plug does not fit in the socket, you must change the plug on your light. It is not permitted to change power sockets in the ceiling.

Checking the ventilation

You can check that the ventilation is working by placing a sheet of paper in front of it. If the paper sticks to the appliance, it is working okay. None of the inlets may be closed completely, however, as this will negatively affect the circulation of air in the apartment. Clean all air inlets at least twice a year.

Functioning radiators

The normal temperature in an apartment is around 20 degrees. It may be somewhat cooler during the night. If you think it is too cold in your apartment, start by checking that there is no furniture in front of the radiators preventing heat from circulating. If the cold temperature persists, contact Kalixbo.

Source-separating waste

Remember to clean the packaging which you source-separate in order to avoid foul smells and hungry rats. Follow the instructions in the waste disposal area. If there is no designated site for waste disposal, use the general recycling stations. They accept glass, sheet metal and paper packaging. Bulky furniture and waste, electronic devices and environmentally hazardous waste are to be left at the recycling facility. Environmentally hazardous waste includes batteries, light bulbs, strip lights, paint and solvents.

Think climate smart

Taking a bath requires five times more water than having a shower. Save water by showering more and bathing less. Use the washing up bowl when doing the dishes, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and report dripping taps and running toilets directly to us. This means you can prevent large volumes of drinking water going to waste.

You can save large volumes of electricity by switching off the lights in empty rooms, and simply switching them on when you enter. Replacing light bulbs with energy-saving models enables further savings. Kettles also save energy by boiling water significantly more quickly than hobs. Avoid using the standby mode on electrical devices.

Cleaning the stairway enclosure

Items may not be stored in the entrance and stairway enclosure. Prams, sleighs and bicycles may not block the path of emergency ambulance crews or interfere with fire-fighting measures. It is also easier for the person cleaning and tidying the stairway enclosure if there is nothing in the way.

Using the laundry facilities

Make sure you comply with times booked and follow the instructions when using the laundry facilities. Each time you wash you must also clean the laundry and drying rooms. As a rule of thumb, leave the laundry facilities in the condition you would expect to find them.

Keeping pets

Do not walk animals in the courtyards. Use the exercise yards provided. If an accident happens, clean up the mess! In addition, make sure your pet is on a lead, as your neighbours may be frightened or allergic.

Protecting children

In order to avoid accidents, make sure your power sockets are fitted with protectors and that all windows and balcony doors are equipped with child safety devices. Your cooker needs an anti-tip device and hob protectors in order to prevent children from reaching pans. We recommend anchoring your bookshelf and other heavy furniture to the walls. Make sure you store cleaning agents, chemicals and medicine in a locked cabinet.

Fighting vermin

If you find vermin in your apartment, get in touch with Kalixbo immediately. This could be fur beetles, flour beetles, silverfish or other pests. Kalixbo will call in a decontamination company. They will tackle the issue with the appropriate means right away and thereby prevent the vermin becoming established in your apartment or spreading to your neighbours.