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Fire and burglary safety

Fire safety

We will provide smoke detectors and fire blankets. Test the battery in the smoke detector on a regular basis. You can act to reduce the risk of fire in your apartment. Common causes of fire include carelessness with candles, forgetting about pans on hobs and smoking in bed. Your TV, coffee machine, toaster, mobile phone charger and other electrical devices may also cause a fire. Avoiding standby mode and connecting your devices to a timer makes your home safer right away. If a fire breaks out in the kitchen, you can attempt to smother the blaze using a fire blanket, a cover, an oven plate or a towel. Never use water if a pan is burning, as oil and margarine combine with water to cause an explosive blaze. If you are unable to extinguish the blaze yourself, close the door to the room on fire and call 112. When everyone has left the apartment, close the front door to the apartment and alert your neighbours. When car tyres start to burn, large volumes of smoke are spread, so it is not permitted to store tyres in your apartment.

If a fire breaks out: save, warn, alert and extinguish!


Begin by ensuring your own safety and that of others in danger. In case of fire, the safest evacuation route is always low down along the floor, where the air contains the most oxygen. It is important to close all doors, and windows, if you have time. If the stairway enclosure is full of smoke, do not enter it. If another apartment is on fire and the stairway enclosure is full of smoke, it is best to remain in your own apartment. Call 112. The emergency services will assist you.


The next step is to warn everyone in the vicinity of the fire, to ensure they also have a chance of evacuating in good time. For example, you could shout “FIRE!”, or ring on all of the doors in your stairway enclosure.


You should then call 112. The operator will let you know what action you should take. The fire service will be called at this point.


Only when the first three stages have been completed can you attempt to extinguish the fire. It is vital you do not put your life at risk when attempting to put out the blaze. Keep in mind that smoke is highly toxic and low in oxygen. Once again, merely enclosing the fire makes a big difference.

If the smoke detector is beeping but you cannot see a fire, do as follows

  • Check what has caused the alarm to sound. Cooking fumes? Cigarette smoke?
  • Check the smoke detector battery and replace it if necessary.
  • Clean the smoke detector using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Re-attach the smoke detector to the ceiling and make sure it works.


Preventing burglary

Make a habit of locking the door when you leave and ensuring windows and balcony doors are closed. Avoid storing your valuables and keys in the hall, as thieves may be able to open the front door without making a sound and make off with bags, keys and mobile phones in a matter of seconds while you are watching TV or taking a shower. It is best to lock the door when you are home, but keep the key in the lock on the inside if you have to leave in a hurry. We advise you to use a substantial padlock for your storage area and make sure you do not keep any valuables or items of interest to burglars there.