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Rented parking spaces

  • When renting a parking space, you and every other tenant are responsible for clearing the snow in the relevant space. This is also specified in the rental agreement.
  • We recommend clearing the snow as soon as it has fallen. This reduces the risk of the snow melting and then freezing into ice. New snowfall creates more snow which will melt, eventually making it very difficult to remove the ice. This leads to problems for those wishing to use the parking space.
  • Kalixbo is unable to clear snow from parking spaces due to the risk of damaging the cars parked alongside. Where necessary – mainly in the spring – Kalixbo will break the ice which has formed at the parking spaces. You will be notified about this beforehand.

Loading/unloading at the entrance gate

  • Loading/unloading at the entrance gate is allowed, however, it is not permitted to park longer than 10 minutes with no activity due to the risk of blockage during evacuation and the passage of emergency vehicles, service vehicles, etc.
  • Vehicles parked for 10 minutes without activity are subject to a fine. An open boot is not classed as activity!