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Take care of your apartment

Clean the doors and cabinets

You can clean the doors and cabinets with warm water and mild detergent.

Avoid using strong agents, steel wool and abrasive natural sponges which may scratch or fade surfaces.

Cleaning the floors

Your floors can be kept clean and fresh for longer if you make sure they are cleaned using a damp mop or cloth which is not too wet. A mild detergent such as soap is often sufficient. There are also microfibre cloths and mops which effectively absorb dust and dirt without using any detergent. You can clean linoleum flooring with lukewarm water and cleaning agent without causing any damage. If the flooring is worn, there is a polish which can be applied to linoleum, but not plastic mats, as the agent may cause discolouration.

You can protect your flooring from marks and scratches by attaching furniture pads – small, circular, self-adhesive protective felt pads – to your furniture. If you have to move something across the floor which is too heavy to lift, you can place it on a mat and then drag the mat without damaging the floor.

Cleaning ceilings

It’s hard to clean ceilings effectively. They often become streaky and look worse than they did before. If your ceiling needs to be cleaned, get in touch with us.

Dusting the walls

Ordinary wallpaper can only be dusted, while painted walls can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Mouldings and plastic details are best cleaned using hot water and soap. If you have made a mark on the wallpaper, try removing it with an eraser.

Putting things up

If you wish to put up shelves and pictures on the walls, make sure you use screws and plugs which are compatible with the wall’s material.

To put something heavy up on a drywall you will need to use cavity or expander plugs. You can use universal plugs or expansion bolts for brick or concrete walls, and plugs for lightweight concrete for porous surfaces. In order to make a hole in the wallpaper which is almost invisible, cut out a cross and fold out the tabs before you start to drill. When you no longer want to use the hole, remove the screw and simply fold back the tabs. It is not permitted to make holes in tiles, as they will easily crack. Water may find its way through holes and cracks, causing mould or water damage.


If you wish to re-paint or -wallpaper earlier than has been scheduled by us, you may do so at your own cost. Bear in mind that work carried out must be of the same standard as provided by a professional. If work has been done sloppily or the wrong material has been used, or you have chosen an extreme colour scheme, you may be liable to pay compensation. Always check with us before starting renovation work.

Repairing windows

If there is a draft from your windows, this may be because the mouldings need to be replaced. Get in touch with Kalixbo and we will carry this out. Blinds are not included as basic equipment. If you require blinds or other protection from the sun, you must obtain and install these yourself.

Tidying the bathroom

You can clean wash basins, toilet seats and bathtubs using an all-purpose cleaning agent and a soft brush. Abrasive brushes, steel wool and scouring pads cause damage to the surface layer, making it impossible to clean in the long term. Use special cleaning agents for the inside of the toilet which are effective without damaging the surface. Normal vinegar can also be used to dissolve limescale. You may never flush cotton swabs, pads, tampons or chemicals down the toilet. The front of the bath tub can be removed, so you can easily access the space underneath. Also remember to clean the floor drain from time to time to ensure there are no blockages. If you have a plastic mat on the floor, make sure the ring attached to the mat is securely fastened, otherwise water may find its way underneath. To clean tiles or glazed clinker tablets, it is best to use water and detergent or all-purpose cleaning agent. Do not use soap, as this may cause coating to form on the tiles, which absorbs dirt. Acidic cleaning agents may damage the sealants between the tiles.

Installing washing machine

If you wish to install a washing machine, tumble dryer or drying cabinet, you must get in touch with us so we can check that the drainage and electricity system in your apartment is suitable. Installation must be carried out by a qualified professional.

Cleaning the kitchen

You are advised to clean the cooker using water and detergent. You can use steel wool or a scouring pad to clean the hobs. There is special cleaning agent for cleaning ceramic hotplates. All cookers can be pulled out, allowing you to clean the area behind. You should also ensure the cooker has an anti-tip device to ensure it does not fall onto a child who may suddenly cling on to the handles of the doors. If the oven is extremely dirty there is a stronger cleaning agent specially formulated for ovens which does not cause damage or scratch the surface layer. Grease accumulates in the fan while you cook. Clean the filter from time to time by removing it and rinsing it thoroughly in hot water. The fridge and freezer must be defrosted on a regular basis. This saves energy and ensures food can be stored for longer. Simply switch off the appliances and allow the ice to melt. Do not use sharp objects in order to remove ice, as this may damage the fridge. Some fridges are self-defrosting.

Installing the dishwasher

If you are considering installing a dishwasher, you must get in touch with us first. You must always commission an expert to perform installation. Some apartments already have fittings enabling the connection of dishwashers.

Using the balcony

Make sure you do not feed the birds from your balcony or windows, as food may easily drop down and attract rats. You should also avoid shaking carpets or cloths from your balcony, as this may send dirt over to your neighbour. Mount flower boxes and airing poles on the inside of the balcony railing, as items which hang from the balcony could injure someone passing underneath.

It is forbidden to barbecue on the balcony, as this could pose a fire hazard and cause a disturbance. Under new legislation, to prevent falls, if cats are to be allowed onto your balcony a safety net must be installed. This refers to all balconies located more than five metres above the ground.