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Waiting list for accomodation

Register on our waiting list for accommodation

  • Start by registering on the waiting list at our website, or in writing, using a form which can be ordered from our customer service team. You will also be giving you consent for us to register your personal data. Your date of registration is also recorded – this is the date from which you will begin to collect points. Our accommodation waiting list is free of charge.
  • You may register from the year in which you turn 16; however, in order to enter into an apartment contract you must be 18 years of age, and an adult.
  • If you want the rental contract to be in both your and your partner’s name, you must file a joint application. This requires one of you to register as a co-applicant (although both will collect waiting list points individually). To be approved as a co-applicant you must live together in a marriage-like relationship. The main applicant may add co-applicants when initially filing an application. This can also be done during the time you both collect points. Bear in mind that one of you must be registered as a co-applicant in order that both can be included in the contract.

Begin collecting waiting list points

  • The person who has collected the most points will be offered an apartment contract.
  • You collect one (1) point per day from the date on which you register to apply for accommodation.
  • If you are a resident with us you will be allocated a higher rate of 1.5 per day.
  • Your waiting list points are linked to you and may not be transferred to or combined with those of another person.
  • In order to retain your waiting list points you must log into our waiting list system at least once a year. Fail to do this and your points will be lost, with your application deleted. You can log in by visiting our website. If you need help logging in, get in touch with our customer service team.
  • Your waiting list points will always be reset when you enter into a rental contract with us. This is done when you accept (either orally or in writing) the offer of an apartment contract.