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Senior citizens 55+

Our senior accommodation features practical apartments with access to communal facilities. We focused a great deal on accessibility in and around this accommodation. It suits people who don’t want to think about maintenance or renovation but do want to live comfortably – for a long time.

Among other things, accessibility means the buildings have lifts, the bathrooms are adapted for those with more limited mobility, there are no (or low) thresholds in the accommodation and the entrances are easily accessible by car. All residents should easily be able to enter or leave their accommodation.

Senior accommodation can be found in Kalix on Centralgatan 8 (Gamla torget), Valhallavägen 46, Floragatan 21, in Töre on Hantverksvägen 1 and in Morjärv on Furumostigen 3.

In order to apply for senior accommodation with us the contract holder must be 55 years of age, however, there is no requirement that everyone in the household must be 55 or over.