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Information about optional extras and how to order them

An optional extra is an opportunity for you to improve the standard of the apartment in return for an increase in the basic rent.

In connection with the introduction of Target Rent on 1 April 2021, you will now have the opportunity to apply for optional extras.


Which optional extras are available at Kalixbo?

We are introducing optional extras that enhance the standard of our apartments in the long term and that many tenants are requesting. Please contact your maintenance officer for further information and to place an order.

Fill in the Optional Extras form and email or post it to us.

Can I choose whichever optional extras I want? 

Not everyone can order everything. Some optional extras can work in some apartments, while in others they cannot be installed for technical reasons. The building might also be in an area where we are planning to carry out extensive renovations in the future. Talk to your maintenance officer about what applies to your apartment.


How many optional extras can I choose?

You can choose optional extras that increase your rent by a maximum of SEK 300/month.


To whom does the optional extra belong?

It belongs to the apartment. Let’s say you choose a dishwasher – this then becomes a permanent part of the actual apartment. Once an apartment has been upgraded with a dishwasher, it will continue to be equipped with a dishwasher.


Who is responsible for maintenance of the optional extra?

Kalixbo is responsible if the product is an optional extra provided by us. If you instead buy a dishwasher, for example, you are personally responsible for its maintenance as you own the dishwasher and will be taking it with you when you move out. Please note that it must be professionally installed and you order this via Kalixbo.

Can I replace a fairly new product with an optional extra?

All of the products in your apartment have a defined financial useful life, and every year a set amount is written off for each product. If you want to replace a product with an optional extra, and the financial value has not been written off, you can pay the residual value. You then own the product and do whatever you want with it when the new optional extra has been installed.


Maintenance and optional extra – what’s the difference?

Optional extra is a measure to improve the standard. An optional extra that you choose yourself also increases the standard of the apartment, and therefore also the rent.

Maintenance does not increase the rent, but restores functionality in the apartment. Maintenance of existing equipment is performed as required, and your maintenance officer assesses whether this is relevant for you.


Why do I continue to pay for the optional extra when it’s been written off?

When the optional extra is installed in the apartment, Kalixbo performs maintenance on the optional extra indefinitely. If the optional extra breaks down, and its wear and tear is normal, it is replaced at no extra cost to you as the tenant.