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Your new rent - Target Rent

Kalixbo has worked together with the Tenants’ Association to review the rental system in order to apply what is referred to as systematic rent determination. We call it Target Rent. The new method of rent determination is a way to reallocate rents so that you as a tenant pay the correct rent for your apartment compared with other apartments in our portfolio.


We are introducing Target Rent from 1 April 2021 

Together, we have developed a system that enables us to set a fairer rent based on various factors.   The idea is that the rent for each apartment will be more transparent and easier to understand.  

Implementation will take place gradually over a number of years so as to avoid dramatic increases for those apartments that have so far had rental levels that were too low. The maximum monthly increase can be SEK 275, after which it can be increased by the same amount every year for no more than six years.

For those whose rent is too high, the rent will be frozen so that you avoid the annual increase for a time. 

The new rent comes into force from 1 April 2021.


Factors that affect your rent 

The apartment: The size of the apartment, i.e. how many square metres it has and how many rooms there are, is the most important factor when assessing the rent. The standard of the bathroom and kitchen, surfaces, access to a balcony, outdoor area, etc.

The building: The technical quality of the property, lifts, laundry facilities and waste management are all assessed. The type of building is also a crucial factor. For example, a ground floor apartment with its own entrance has a higher value than an apartment in an apartment block.

The area: Is the property in a central location or is it a long way to the shops, what is the external environment like, car parking facilities, communal areas?


Communication You will soon be receiving a message about your new rent, shortly followed by the rent notification in the post.


Watch video about target rent and how it is structured.